The Woodsmiths


Established in 1990. 

We are wood specialists dedicated to enduring top quality products, individually handcrafted for your Home, Kitchen or Corporate Space. With the benefit of our exclusive warranties. 

We enjoy working with customers to design solid wood benchtops and other products that are unique and functional. We are committed to our clients and we take pride in each piece we make.


In 2019 we purchased the finish and branding of the Kings Generation IV company. They are well known for pioneering very durable timber finishes and unsurpassed quality for over 50 years. We now include the G4 finish in our range and are proud to continue the long tradition of timber craftsmanship.


To bring life, energy, and warmth into the lives of great people through natural products. This life and warmth must glow for generations and inspire people every day.


Over our 30-year history our team has steadily grown but our values have remained the same. These apply to all aspects of business and define who we are as a company.

1. Nothing but the best is acceptable

2. All active members of The Woodsmiths team.

3. Work it out and get it done

4. Clean and tidy at all times

We truly appreciate the value that bespoke design brings to residential and commercial work and commit to bringing these designs to a reality. For many years, our unofficial motto has been: “if you can draw it, we can make it”.


We specialise in providing high end, quality solid wood surfaces for the finest kitchens, bathrooms, bars, cafés and restaurants NZ wide. We also manufacture acrylic tops such as Corian as well as a number of solid wood products such as stair treads, doors, bespoke tables and more.


Handmade, bespoke solid wood projects have always been at the heart of what we do. Our focus is to create bench surfaces that showcases the beauty and texture of solid timber but provides a super durable working surface. Some of NZ’s most skilled craftsmen have embedded and improved our practices over the years that have resulted in our finishes being the most hardwearing in Australasia.

What matters to us...


Our team at The Woodsmiths is pioneering a new way of thinking when it comes to benchtop surfaces. Timber provides a beautiful surface that will make any interior stand out, it gives a focal point to any kitchen, bathroom or living area, however the benefits of timber go further than that. Trees are one of the main stores of carbon and will hold this even after it has been harvested. This means your benchtop is holding CO2 that would otherwise be in the atmosphere. Using timber sourced from sustainable forests ensures that our forests are forever.


Wood truly is a material that lasts forever. Benchtops that have been in place for 30 years or more can be resurfaced and even stained to give them a new lease of life and many more decades of use. Native timber from houses can still be structurally sound after 100 years and be saved and reincorporated into designs. Initiating a new lifecycle and minimizing waste!


Having our roots in a small rural community and being a family-owned business, we firmly believe in helping others wherever possible. That’s why we’re so proud to be a supporter of RRT charity and the awesome work they do across the globe. See more here

We also work with NEST and are proud to support the northland rescue helicopter and what they do to care for the Northland community every day.