Finger Jointed

The Woodsmiths now stock Europe’s most popular timber benchtop style.

What are finger-jointed tops?

Finger jointed tops are constructed from 40mm laminations just like our standard tops, but the laminations aren’t made from one piece of timber. Instead, there are shorter pieces joined together to create one long lamination.

Why purchase a Finger-Jointed top?

  • Eco-friendly: With shorter lengths used there is less wasted timber, defects can be cut out and all clear timber can be made use of.
  • Cost-effective: These tops are significantly less than standard tops of the same timber.
  • Quicker turnaround: With these tops being stocked as pre-laminated panels, shorter lead times are possible.
  • Large lengths available: All panels are available in 5450 x 1280/760 sizes and 40mm & 30mm thicknesses

These tops can be finished in the same finishes as our solid wood tops and carry the same warranties. Click here to see more info on our finishes