Bespoke Solid Wood Tops

These tops are the showpiece in many NZ homes, made to each customers’ individual needs and taste. Starting as rough sawn lumber, every top is made from grain matched laminations, giving clients customization of timber choice, lamination width and thickness. 

Finger-Jointed Tops

These tops are a contemporary option to our standard timber tops. Finger Jointed tops are made from short lengths of timber and able to be coated with any of our finishes. 


Eco-Bamboo Tops

Laminated Bamboo Bench Tops are very hard, durable and incredibly economical on your pocket and the environment. Bamboo is a FSC certified, extremely fast regrowing material, the only benchtop available made from a resource that can renew every 5 years! 


Corian & HI-MACS

 The Woodsmiths are approved fabricators and installers of acrylic solid surface tops. This surface is seamless, and quality is guaranteed when working with our team of craftsmen.